Hi and thanks for visiting kitchencounterchef.com.

I’m Jim and I’m a budding countertop chef. I love finding unique and creative ways to use some of the great countertop appliances that are available today. I started this blog when I noticed the high cost of those jerky-type dog treats at the pet store. I thought to myself, I bet I could make it for a fraction of the cost. That led me to research the best tools and techniques for making beef jerky for my dog. I wanted to share the information I learned.

From there I decided to branch out and cover food preparation and cooking techniques using the small appliances on your kitchen counter. From there, kitchencounterchef.com was born.

I currently split my time between Massachusetts and Colorado. When I’m not researching articles for the site, I enjoy getting outside and hiking, biking and taking long walks with my dog.