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A pizza stone would be the perfect accessory for your gas grill, and I highly recommend you get one if you don’t own one already.  After all, Imagine how impressed your friends will be at your next cookout when you serve them restaurant quality pizza fresh off the grill!  They will inevitably ask, “How’d you do that?”  And how will you answer?  Simply.  You will say, “I used my pizza stone.”

What’s the Best Pizza Stone?

In this article, I will cover several of the top pizza stones for a gas grill.  If you are in a hurry, my top pick is the EurKitchen Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Pizza Stone.

If you’re not familiar with pizza stones, don’t let the name fool you.  At this point, some of you may be thinking, “I don’t really like pizza that much.”  And it’s okay if you don’t.  But buy yourself one anyway!  Why?  Because you can use them to cook a lot more than just pizzas.  Here’s a short list of some of the most-commonly cooked foods using pizza stones:

Common foods to cook on a pizza stone

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.


Pizza stone materials

Let’s examine the different materials that are used in these pizza stones, so you can better decide which one will suit you best.


Cordierite pizza stones are by far the most durable.  Cordierite is a rare mineral that is known for being able to withstand extreme temperatures.  Because of its inherent properties, it is also thermal shock resistant.  This simply means you can take your cordierite pizza stone from low to very high temperatures quickly without risk of cracking it.  While cordierite stones usually last a lifetime, they’re also the most expensive stones on the market.


Ceramic stones are the most cost-effective pizza stones.  Ceramic pizza stones are made from clay and fired in a kiln.  These clay-based pizza stones are good at conducting and dispersing heat evenly, providing you with an even cook each time.  If properly cared for, ceramic stones can last many years.  However, they typically won’t last a lifetime.

Cast Iron

Using a cast iron pizza stone has its advantages.  For one thing, cast iron heats up quicker than other pizza stones do.  Clay and ceramic stones need to heat up before you use them.  This can take up to a half-hour, which can be an inconvenience.

Cast iron stones also have handles, which makes handling a lot easier.  Furthermore, cast iron is tough.  It won’t crack or break at high temps.  The downside is that cast iron is much heavier than clay or ceramic stones.  And cast iron stones are only recommended up to 400 degrees.  After that, they lose some of their even-cooking abilities.  

What is the best pizza stone for a gas grill

Top Pick
EurKitchen Pre-Seasoned Two-Sided Cast Iron Pizza Stone, Griddle and Grill Pan w/ Reinforced Handles - 13.5-inch - Perfect for Use on a Stovetop, BBQ, or Oven
13.5 in
Cast Iron
Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone
16.5 in x 14.5 in
Heritage, Black Ceramic Pizza Stone 16 in. x 13 in- Baking Stones for Oven, Grill, BBQ- Non Stain
16 in x 13 in
Pizzacraft 16.5" Round ThermaBond Baking/Pizza Stone - For Oven or Grill - PC9898
16.5 in
Cuisinart CPS-013 Alfrescamore Pizza Grilling Stone
13 in

Prices and/or availability last updated on 2019-01-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Below, I have reviewed the top five grill pizza stones on the market for your convenience.  

All of the stones here are made of tough materials, such as corderiel and ceramic.  Hence, these stones are durable, and they are capable of sustaining heats up to 800 °F.  These materials conduct and distribute heat evenly, providing you with even cooking every time.  So without further ado, let’s consider the top five grill pizza stones- the good, the bad, the indifferent.   

#5  Cuisinart CPS-013 Alfrescamore Pizza Grilling Stone

The Cuisinart CPS-013 is perfect for the frugal shopper.  It’s made of ⅜” cordierite, which is a little more durable than ceramic stones.  Cordierite is also able to absorb higher temperatures and thermal shock slightly better than ceramic stones can.  It’s a good quality stone. 

However, It’s relatively small, only 13.5” in diameter.  However, this is enough surface area for most large pizzas and most store-bought pizzas.  It’s a decent stone and can be used on any grill.

Remember, as with anything else in life, you only get what you pay for.  If money is a real issue for you, this can be a great stone.  But I recommend spending a couple more dollars and getting one that you’ll be happy with in the long-run.

Check out the Cuisinart  on Amazon.


#4  Pizzacraft Baking/Pizza Stone

All of the pizza stones recommended in this article are top-notch and are the best in the industry.  The Pizzacraft ThermaBond Pizza Stone  is great for cooking pizzas.  It is round-shaped and is 16.5” in diameter.  It requires no seasoning or conditioning and is made of 100% FDA-safe materials.  Overall, this is a very good stone to own.  It’s affordable but still is a high-quality stone.

The downside of this stone, in my opinion, is that it’s more limited in use than the rectangular stones because of its shape (most pizza stones are round).  A lot of pizzas are rectangular.  Furthermore, if you’re trying to bake many smaller items (such as cookies) on your pizza stone, it can be difficult to organize them on a round surface.  It’s a relatively minor “setback,” but it is worth noting.

Also noteworthy is the weight of this stone.  Make sure you have a firm grip on this stone when you pick it up, especially when it’s hot.  It’s roughly 9 lbs. and you might forget how heavy it is when you pick it up.  Please, be careful!

Check out the Pizzacraft  on Amazon.

#3 Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

The Heritage Ceramic Pizza Stone is a really cool pizza stone.  As with everything, it has its pros and cons.  But the pros outweigh the cons, by far.

One thing that separates this pizza stone from the rest is its color.  The fact that it’s black isn’t necessarily important, but it’s what it does because it’s black that’s interesting.  The black color makes this pizza stone stain-proof.  So no matter how many times you use it, it never looks like it has been used.  

Beyond that, it’s odorless.  Unlike other pizza stones, this one does not emit smoke.  An important point if you’re planning on using your pizza stone inside your home.  

This stone is also highly durable and will not crack.  They last a lifetime.  As if all of this isn’t enough, this pizza stone also heats up twice as fast as the rest do.

It is 15” in diameter, so it is a little bit smaller than some of the others.  The fact that it’s round places is it below the second-most recommended stone. Its users highly rate it, and that fact speaks for itself.

Check out the Heritage  on Amazon.   

#2  Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

The Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone is great for the average grill.  It is 14.5” long and 16.5” wide, providing the user with a lot of surface area.  It is square or slightly rectangular-shaped and crafted from lead-free clays.  

The shape is great because it can accommodate round or rectangular shaped pies.  It’s also great for baking bread.

Weighing in at 10 pounds, it’s incredibly durable and will not crack unless you drop it.  These stones are known to last many years, even a lifetime.

Most importantly, the Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone absorbs and distributes heat evenly, ensuring perfect cooking with each use.  You don’t have to worry about the edges of your pie being burnt and the center being soggy.  This low-cost pizza stone is ideal for many.  It’s a good bang for your buck.  Be sure to check it out.  

Check out the Old Stone Oven  on Amazon.


Top Pick:  EurKitchen Pre-Seasoned Two-Sided Cast Iron Pizza Stone  

I recommend the EurKitchen Two-Sided Cast Iron Pizza Stone over all the rest.  The reasons are many.

To begin with, it’s cheaper than some of the other stones mentioned in this article.  And while the price is great, it’s really the features of this pizza stone that make it the most recommended.

It has a wide range of practical applications and is much more versatile than the other stones.  Made of cast iron, these pizza stones retain heat longer than the others do, making sure the food you serve remains hot until the last serving.  Cast iron also has the highest temperature rating of all the pizza stones here.  You don’t have to worry about cracking it.

It’s pre-seasoned with vegetable oil and is ready to use immediately.  This eliminates the need to over-oil your pan or use harmful synthetics.  We want to make sure we’re feeding our family and friends healthy food.

Another neat feature of this pizza stone is that it is reversible.  One side of the unit is smooth, which is ideal for cooking pizzas, pancakes, and other doughy or bread-based foods.  The other side has raised griddle ridges, which are perfect for cooking meats, poultry, and seafood.  It even has a drip well to collect run-off fat.     

Furthermore, it can be used on a stovetop, in an oven, or on a grill.  It also comes with a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty, making this pizza stone the number one recommended.

Check out the EurKitchen  on Amazon.  

Using your Pizza Stone on the BBQ

The key to cooking a pizza on the grill is to preheat the stone to the correct temperature.  Here’s a video to describe the process.

Caring for Your Pizza Stone

The more you use your pizza stone, the better it will work.  The more you cook with it, the more seasoned it becomes.  This will enhance the flavor of your food.  The more it is used, the more it will also develop its non-stick properties.  So use it, use it, and use it some more!

Be sure to wash your stone with hot water and a grill brush while it’s still hot after every use.  This is important to preserve the seasoning.  Washing it in a dishwasher will eliminate your stone’s conditioning, and you’ll have to start over every time.  

Unlike many other things, pizza stones get better use.  So check them all out, buy one, and let me know which one you got.

Want to make your pizza indoors?  You can actually use a panini press.

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