Best Sandwich Toaster With Removable Plates

Sandwich toasters are ideal for many homes.  First, sandwich toasters are much cheaper than some of the pricier sandwich contraptions, such as panini presses.  And though sandwich toasters are a little less versatile than panini presses, sandwich toasters can still be used in a wide range of ways.

In this post, we will answer the question – which is the best sandwich toaster with removable plates.  If you’re in a hurry, I like the ZZ S6141A-B 4 in 1 Sandwich Maker.

Before purchasing a sandwich toaster, you’ll have to decide which model best suits you.  Some questions to ask:

In addition to those questions, you’ll have to consider the price.  How much are you comfortable spending on a sandwich toaster?

Depending on the type of sandwiches you like to make, you may find that a panini press might be a better choice.  A panini press is typically more heavy duty and can accommodate larger sandwiches and different types of bread.

Features to look for

Sandwich toasters are convenient and helpful for many reasons.  They are simple to operate.  They have minimum functionality, usually displaying just a temperature dial and possibly an on/off button.  Most traditional sandwich toasters simply unplug to shut off, but some of the newer models do have on/off buttons.  You’ll also find that most toaster models have non-stick removable plates that are dishwasher safe.  All the toaster models we’ll be reviewing have removable plates.


For much less than half of most people’s average monthly phone bill, you could have a high-quality sandwich toaster that can last for years and years.  Enjoy deliciously toasted sandwiches and other warm food quickly and whenever you want.  Appreciate the convenience of a sandwich toaster on a busy day when you have little time.  

All it takes is two or three minutes to grill a toasted chicken and cheese sandwich while you microwave a bowl of last night’s leftover beef stew.  Sandwich toasters cook fast, so your sandwich might be done before your stew is finished microwaving.

grilled pocket sandwichSandwich toasters will seal the edges of your sandwiches, which will keep your toaster’s plates clean and trap all your sandwiches gooey goodness inside the bread.  The sealing feature of sandwich toasters is better than the press feature of other sandwich makers because sandwiches can still be messy when they’re just pressed.  Sealing the edges minimizes waste and provides an all-around clean eating experience.  This is priceless if you’re always eating in your car or otherwise on the go.

People are often attracted to the versatility of sandwich toasters.  Many are more interested in what else the sandwich toaster can cook.  Toasted sandwiches are great, but when you begin to cook other foods with your toaster you will get the best use out of it.  

Sandwich toasters can be used to make egg dishes like omelets and frittatas.  You can even make your own calzones and pocket-style sandwiches.  The possibilities are as boundless as your creativity or resourcefulness is.  Here are some ideas of what you can make.

Try making mini-cakes for dessert.


Best Removable Plate Sandwich Toasters

Now that we’ve talked about some of the useful features and benefits of sandwich toasters, along with some important operating tips, let’s look at three sandwich toasters with removable plates.  When deciding which toasters to review, I had a set of criteria.  

Each sandwich toaster had to:


3) T-Fal SW6100 EZ Clean Easy to Clean Nonstick Sandwich and Waffle Maker

The T-Fal SW61000 EZ Clean combines the features of a sandwich toaster and waffle maker into one awesome sandwich toaster.  This model comes with two sets of detachable plates, one for making waffles and the other for making sandwiches.


This sandwich maker is the easiest to use.  The power/ready lights will tell you both when your machine is on and when the plates are hot enough to use.  Just insert your desired plates, plug it in, let the plates heat up, and start cooking when the light turns green.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.


2)  ZZ S6161-W 4 in 1 Grill Griddle Olive and Sandwich Maker 

The ZZ S6161-W 4 in 1 Grill  is cheap and effective.  It comes with three detachable sets of heating plates that allow you to toast, griddle or grill your sandwiches.  The convenient temperature dial, along with the power-on and pre-heat lights make cooking a breeze.  All plates are dishwasher friendly.

Overall, this sandwich toaster is highly recommended.  It’s perfect for the economic shopper trying to find the best bang for their buck.

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.


1)  ZZ S6141A-B 4 in 1 Breakfast Waffle Omelette and Sandwich Maker

You’ll love the fact that the ZZ S6141A-B 4 in 1 Sandwich Maker the four sets of detachable heating plates, each with its own shape and functionality.  You will find a plate for perfect Belgian-style waffles, a rigid plate for grilling, a plate with triangular squares for toasted sandwich halves, and a flat plate for omelets and other foods.

This sandwich maker is as convenient as the others and has a larger surface area for cooking.  It stores vertically and has a vacuum cleaner-style cord-wrap.  It displays easy-to-use on/ready lights, and the detachable plates are dishwasher friendly.  Sealing the sandwiches and the deal, this toaster is affordable.   

Check prices and reviews on Amazon.

How to use your sandwich toaster

If used properly, sandwich makers can be very effective gadgets, saving you precious time and money.  Also, if operated and maintained properly, your sandwich maker can last a lifetime.  As with anything used for cooking, you should always be aware, alert, and thinking “safety first.”

It’s best if you stay close to your sandwich maker when in use.  Again, sandwich toasters cook food quickly.  It doesn’t take much time to burn your food if you become distracted.  God forbid you should forget what you’re doing.  Being distracted by the phone, television, or a person could lead to a fire. Treat your sandwich maker the same way you would treat a frying pan on the stove.

If you have children or animals in your home, be sure to use extra caution.  I advise keeping your sandwich toaster on the countertop close to the electric outlet it’s plugged into.  Since the cords can be fairly long, many people will plug in their sandwich toasters and pull them far away from the wall, perhaps to an island, table, or another countertop.  If your small ones come running through the area you’re cooking in and trip on the cord.  Please, exercise caution and make sure it doesn’t hang over the counter. 

If your closure latch is not closing, don’t force it.  Many people make this mistake and they end up damaging their machine.  Your sandwich toaster is made of delicate parts.  And though they can last a long time if treated right, they can also easily break if you’re too rough with them.  If the closure latch isn’t latching it might be that your contents are too large.  In that case, don’t force it!  Either remove or reshape the contents.

Sandwich toasters function best after you break them in a little bit.  By seasoning your plates after you wash and dry them with either olive oil or sunflower oil, you will get the best results when cooking.  A little butter on your sandwich bread will help prevent sticking and provide a more even and more thorough toasting.  

Brush the outside of your bread with your favorite butter spread or oil.  Do this on both sides of the bread.  Caution!  Many low-fat “butter” spreads are high in water content and won’t prevent your bread from sticking.

Last, but not least, don’t use metal to check, flip or remove your food from your sandwich toaster.  Metal utensils will scratch and damage your toasting plates.  Not only will you ruin them, but whatever material you scratch off will go into your food, and you will eat it.


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